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Schellman Acquires Scott S. Perry, CPA PLLC to Expand and Strengthen Crypto and Web 3.0 Trust Practice

TAMPA, Fla., January 24, 2022 – Tampa-based Schellman, a leading provider of attestation and compliance services, announced today the acquisition of Scott S. Perry, CPA PLLC.

Founded and owned by its namesake Scott Perry, the firm has become well-known throughout the security and assurance industry for its expertise in digital certificate authority audits—also known as WebTrust for Certification Authorities (CA). Scott has also participated in various working groups applying these concepts to federal identity management, Trust over IP (verifiable credential and self-sovereign identity), drone technologies, and more. Based in Bellevue, Washington, Scott S. Perry, CPA PLLC works with several large and notable commercial organizations, such as DigiCert, DocuSign, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman. They’ve also collaborated with key governmental bodies such as the United States Senate Sergeant at Arms and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The acquisition was driven by Schellman’s prioritized expansion of these specialized services as part of its key growth plans for 2022.

"While Schellman does have a history of performing assessments for SSL certificate authorities and DNS providers, we believe the application of encryption and certificate management assessment techniques to new domains presents an enormous growth opportunity," stated Doug Barbin, Managing Principal and Chief Growth Officer at Schellman. "Scott Perry's firm is widely respected in this domain. We believe the combination of its expertise with our global client base and more than 300 IT audit professionals will put us in position to lead this niche market as it grows beyond websites into financial technology, blockchain, government, transportation, and digital life applications."

Upon the completion of the merger, Perry will join Schellman's established group of Principal leaders and will take charge of this recalibration and new launch of the firm's practice in crypto and digital trust services.

"Having already invested 17 years in cryptographic-based audits, this new step feels natural," said Perry. "In leveraging my firm's experience, Schellman is now enabled to fully realize the potential of this exploding marketplace. Together, we will take an immediate leadership position in Web 3.0 technology audits and governance services."

The emergence of advanced cryptography's potential to enhance digital life represents exciting new ground for the industry. Encryption, certificate management, and trust are at the core of today and tomorrow's Internet, which necessitates a broad set of advanced assessment offerings. The coming together of Perry and Schellman will power a strong and knowledgeable approach that will serve an expanding and global technology client base well.

"Since our foundation, Schellman has always striven to forge our own niche in the technology compliance industry, and Scott has done something similar. We share that idea for a unique approach, as well as a mutual passion for compliance, and so this could not make for a better fit," said Avani Desai, CEO at Schellman. "Our collaboration will now allow us to continue helping our clients communicate trust to their customers and stakeholders in a newly enhanced way. Between his expertise and our resources, the way towards our progress is now paved, and we are looking forward to the opportunities we’ll have in the future."

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